More troops

Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 15:39:02 EEST

        I liked Sandy's list (and Peter's addition), although I am also shocked
by the KoW. I think the KoW is a 4 with almost perfect leadership and
organization, but not at the same level (in individual terms) with horali and
iron dwarfs.
        Also lacking:

        Elves 4 forest, 1-2 outside
        Enlo 1
        Argan Argar Enlo 2 (with Dark Troll backing)
        Uz 3
        Uzdo 4

        Dragonewts 2 (crested)
                                3 (beaked infantry)
                                4 (beaked cavalry)

        I consider dragonewt's disregard of death a big boost in their combat
abilities (and will lower the enemies morale too).
        Also, this are generalizations, as it is difficult to field batallions
of elves, and the real quality of the Lunars goes from 2 to 5.
        Back to work,



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