Army Competence?

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 13:52:53 EEST

Hi All & Sandy

        I was interested in your Gloranthan army league table.
Generally I agreed but the end blew it for me.

Horali 5

These guys are ALL at over 100% in at least 5 weapons MINIMUM and
they are each supported by a Brithini Wizard (Damage Boosting, Damage
Resistance, Enhance STR, CON, SIZ, DEX, Skin of Life, Cast Back, Spirit
Resistance, Spell Resistance all at a bare minimum of 10+ (my guess is
more like 20)). They also have a century's worth of armouring enchantments
and Strengthening enchantments. Just imagine a volley of arrows from
these dudes. The bloody things would punch straight through a hoplite
shield, plate armour, and 4 points of magical protection and still do
d8 damage to you on a *normal* hit. Just imagine a critical or impale!

Well I am quite happy with this as a supernatural value 5.

Iron Dwarfs 5

Similar to the about, except the Iron Dwarfs are even tougher! Perhaps
they have less magical support though.

KIngdom of War 6

You've got to be joking. Alright, all the KoWs are fanatical, leathal,
skilled, homocidal maniacs. BUT they have neither the massive personal
magical support, nor the absolutely top-notch equipment (can you imagine

the others venturing forth without at least 20 APs?).

Personally, I don't imagine that the KoWs are any better than the elite
troops of most nations. The problem with the KoW is that ALL their forces

are of that standard AND virtually the entire nation are warriors.
Combined this makes them virtually unstoppable. Its not as if they are
individually that hard to kill (like Horali and Iron Dwarfs), its just
that when you have killed the first one there are a hundred more eager
to step in and take his place!

So my take on the KoW is 4.5 and LOTS OF THEM.



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