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  In response to my assorted speculations, Peter M. writes:
> I thought the Queens Regiment was Carmanian (Western Reaches).
  There's a reference to it in the Genertela Book about a Carmanian Noble
  who spends his time in the Queens Regiment IIRC.
  Actually this fits with my thought that the Queens Regiment might be
  from Doblia. Remember that Doblia is the part of Carmania that became a
  sultanate in the Empire, but still is of Carmanian origin. I think that
  the Western Reaches maintains their own army/cavalry utilizing their
  knights. If a Carmanian were to join an imperial unit instead (and
  abandon their native knights), a unit originating in part of Old
  Carmania would make sense.
  And Neil writes:
> According to Home of the Bold, Whipstock cavalry actually come from
  Alkoth, and probably spend a lot of time waiting to raid Darjiin.
  Well, I can't say I thought of Alkoth as a cavalry source since it lies
  primarily in a river basin at the confluence of two main rivers (Oslir
  and Erinflarth), but maybe they draw from the uplands of Henjarl (along
  the border with Darjiin or the Kostaddi lands). If they do come from
  Alkoth, then the Whipstock regiment undoubtedly follow Shargash, master
  of the thundering hooves and wielder of the lightning whip.


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