Why the Lunars hang onto Prax

From: Martin Crim (mcrim@erols.com)
Date: Sat 11 May 1996 - 03:03:42 EEST

Several people have proposed reasons why the Lunars want to continue to hold
Prax after grabbing a better warm-water port in Heortland. Though there may
be rationalizations offered, the actual reason (i.e., the proximate cause)
is Imperial Inertia. Why'd the French hang onto Indochina? Why is the
Trust Territory of the Northern Mariana Islands a U.S. protectorate today?
Why does the U.K. hang onto the island of South Georgia? 'Cause it'd take
energy to get rid of it, and nobody has the political will to say "let's get
rid of this white elephant."

Two bolgs, of course.
- --Martin Crim


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