From: Ramos-Tavener, Doyle Wayne (st670@Jetson.UH.EDU)
Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 21:05:27 EEST

David Cake sez:
> But look - lets get one thing straight. This is mostly directed at
>Doyle - no one thinks LARP or TTRP or freeforming or whatever is the one
>true way.

Not according to Sandy:
>LARPS are vastly more fun, more realistic, more engrossing, more
>emotionally exhausting, and more Gloranthan than any TTRP. Period.

Part of me thinks that Sandy is exagerating for effect. I hope so. The main
point that I am trying to get across is that there may negative consequences
to the privleging of LARP vs TTRP. I mean privilege in the critical sense,
where the importance of an art form is assigned through rhetoric and
criticism. These 'negative consequences' that I refer to are the
disappearence of Gloranthan TTRP as viable option. Frankly I think that the
absense of a credible rules simulation for Glorantha (i.e. a better RQ) will
have more to do with it in the long run than the privleging of LARP vs TTRP,
but the privleging doesn't help.

Nick sez:
>Reaching Moon Megacorp hope shortly to bring out "The Tarsh War" - a freeform
>scenario book by Chris Gidlow in which a dozen players under one referee lead a
>Lunar expeditionary force into the Bush Range to crack down on Tarshite

Looking forward to this, Nick. It sounds fascinating.




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