My last post on LARP (promise).

From: Ramos-Tavener, Doyle Wayne (st670@Jetson.UH.EDU)
Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 21:51:56 EEST

Sandy just sent a really, really nice post that makes me regret slamming him
on my last post.

>Not according to Sandy:
>>LARPS are vastly more fun, more realistic, more engrossing, more
>>emotionally exhausting, and more Gloranthan than any TTRP. Period.

>Part of me thinks that Sandy is exagerating for effect. I hope so.

Ok, ok. Maybe I am making too much of this.

In conclusion, let me tell about the best LARP experence I ever had.

I had brought a couple of friends down to a local small tournament to run a
CoC Masters round that they had been wanting to run again. The tournament
itself was being was dominated by a CoC/Masquerade LARP, much to the
displeasure of my friends, who were being constantly being interupted in
their room by Kindred trying to figure out what was going on. They were also
getting a lot less attention then they were used to. The last day of the
con, the GM for the crossover came to me and said that the sacrifice victim
for Cthulhu had not shown for the final day and would I mind filling in? Ok,
sez I, wanting to be helpful. What do I have to do? Well, sez the GM, he is
on trial, so you have to be there for the final court proceedings. OK, sez
I. I hunt up the friends that I brought down, who by now are waiting to
strangle me for bringing them to a con where they are virtually ignored by
players and staff alike. Friends, I sez to them, help me out or I might be
shanghied by roving bands of Cultists. Sure, they sez, and follow me to the
trial, where (since I look vaguely ethnic) they decide to become protesters,
defending my rights against the Man. After being thrown out once they sneak
back in. The judge asks them, "Hey didn't I throw ya'll outta here?" to
which they reply, "No we're *different* protesters." Much further hilarity
ensued, but you get the point.

Looking forward to my first Gloranthan LARP,



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