Fertility, Chaos, Darkness, Death... (not describing one deity)

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 22:38:00 EEST

One of the many Davids (qualifier runes: B. Henderson) replied to Martin
Onslaughtsfather's questions:

>>(1). The connection with Death, what effects does an avatar of this power have
>> on his surroundings? (Very important this one)

>Loren did a good bit on this, but generally, for humans, cold, fear,
>loss, separation, decay. For Uz, this is probably just like home.

Which tempts me to ask a question about the role of Fertility among
Hell-dwelling uzkind. Do they have some kind of negative poled fertility
(works best in Hell)?

>> (4). Is Death really the opposite of fertility for without Death would
there >> be room and materials for new growth? I think that pre-death
fertility was
>> _different_ to current fertility. Any ideas anyone?

>Death is not the opposite to fertility/life, Chaos is. Chaos is
>non-existence, life and death are part of existence and the Compromise.
>Pre-death fertility was not part of the cycle that exists after the
>Compromise, as there was no death part.

And again this makes me wonder about uzkind. As Greg told me in last
Convulsion's Lore Auction ('94, with David Cheng recording the session -
what has happened to those tapes?), the trolls are so effective vs chaos
because they are so similar.

Now Chaos is very fertile. Broos procreate by spreading their semen
everywhere as well as by spreading chaos features (until a recipient turns
into a broo). I suppose some (mostly female?) broos will procreate by a
chaos feature allowing them to split into two not quite identical entities,
gorp-fashion. Most of the other mighty chaos stuff has done well in
procreation, at least by spreading lesser forms of itself (Little Qwims,
little bats, lost fingers - btw, is any body else reminded of Glove from the
Yellow Submarine movie when imagining the left-clawed hand or Wakboth's
hand, from SPH or the Block respectively?). Mother of Monsters, Bagogs birth
and rebirth rites, Cacodemon's ogre-breeding (Rosemary's Baby for a
(failed?) female heroquest, anyone?)...

Chaos procreates through corruption, you might say. Well, so does Darkness,
to some extent. Think of all the colourful types of giant maggots provided
in Trollpak, think of Kyger Litor's Ritual of Rebirth.

And even mighty Yelm procreates through separation - Bijiif, Antirius etc;
and the Aldryami nuts require composting to break through their protective

Rather than to talk about pre-death fertility, the Entekosiad describes
pre-separation fertility (by describing the first incident of
post-separation fertility between Vogmaradan and Uleria). This is among the
people of the Earth-Age. The Sea-Age fertility (three children pairing in
all possible combinations) seems to be different, more Darkness-oriented.
Fire-Age fertility seems to be a contradiction in terms - Yelmic god-birth
myths sound awfully similar to Mostali worksongs.

Separation is - at least according to the Pelandans - a prerequisite of
fertility as we know it today.

Anyway: What is fertility to beings other than of Storm and Earth (i.e.
Genertelan mankind including the Westerners and the Pelorians
(Dendara/Entekos and Lodril taking a hand), most of plant- and "higher"
beastlife)? What is it to dragonkind?


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