field effect of Death Rune Master

From: Martin Crim (
Date: Sat 11 May 1996 - 03:03:44 EEST

David Henderson writes in V2 #548, about the effect on one's surroundings of
having a high affinity for the Death rune:
>Separating magic fom its source, people from their emotions, 1HP of
>damage to those within 10' (small animals and plants die as he passes,
>circles of dead vegetation where he slept). Fear/unease in non-death
>worshippers who see him. Food rots at his touch (he does not need to eat
>any more, as he is half-dead) ...

Think of the biker Leonard (?) Smalls in the Coen brothers movie "Raising
Arizona" (one of my four favorite movies). He chucks hand grenades at bunny
rabbits and flowers wither and catch fire as his bike roars by. Great stuff.

- --Martin Crim


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