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Pam Carlson:

>Of course the best example of Death in the Service of Life comes from
>Peloria, Land of Enshrined Opposites. Shargash the Destroyer obediently
>kills the enemies of the All Father. As the Purifier, he destroys rot
>and evil to make it new again. As the Lord of Ashes, he is the Protector
>of the Dead on their Travels to and from Life. As the Preserver, he kills
>the things he loves to keep them safe and bring them back again.

Isn't this stretching the definition of a death cult rather widely?
Shargash is just as much a Death Cult as Orlanth (both kill people
and visit the Underworld) but I've never heard of Orlanth being called
a death cult. Shargash may kill in order to preserve the Stable
Land but he is not intrinsically Death in the same way Humakt or
Zorak Zoran is.

Lewis Jardine:

Wrote in disbelief that the KoW is rated higher than the Horali
or the Iron Dwarves. He misses, I think, the point that battles
are not decided solely by individual prowess (of which the KoW
comes in third) but also on the capabilities and resourcefulness
of the commander.

While the Horali are fearsome according to their immortality and
constant training, most do not live forever. Arolanit which has
the largest concentration of Brithini in Glorantha has not been
intact since the Dawn. It was partitioned into the Kingdom of
Baustin and the Duchy of Laufol during the Second Age and Malaskan
Phillipe was merely the Bishop of Baustin and attended the God
Learner 5th Council.

In the third age, Arolanit was part of the Kingdom of Seshnela
when Bailifies was crowned and only threw off the Rokari yoke in
1496 ST. After that any traces of Rokarism simply died out.

Therefore the vast majority of Horali only have 100 or so years
of experience. I do not believe that the Arolanit Horali have
access to Plate Armour as Arolanit is noted as an impoverished
coastal region in the Genertela Book. They would be more
inclined to wear Lamellar as it's more traditional and cheaper.

IMO the Horali are not enchanted to the hilt. There are only
half as many Zzaburi as there are Horali and the Zzaburi have
got other things to enchant. I think that a Horali would only
have 1pt of enchantments per 10 years of service if he's lucky
and much of that goes to improving armour and weapons as an
Enhance CON and Enhance STR are far less tiresome for the
Zzaburi to cast than Strenghtening Enchantment etc.

So in battle, the Horali are superb. But they are not totally
invincible and can be defeated (although the enemies victory is
usually Pyrric). However because of the Talar's innate conservatism
nature (Change=Death by Old Age), the Horali can be outmaneveured
by the enemy commander far more easily than the Talar's age would


They are fearsome. But in battle they are completely hampered
by their taciturn, conservative nature. They go by the book for
everything and flately refuse to innovate.

Yes, with their firearms and automatic crossbows, they are
completely awesome. But look at the minus side: they are so
shortsighted, they would need inch-thick glasses to see anything
clearly beyond 100m. This does put some major crimp in their
offensive capability on the battle field.


The average KoW warrior is only slightly better than the
equivalent Loskalmi knight. Yet the KoW would be able to defeat
an army of Horali or Brithini, because the leaders are trained to
find out and exploit the weaknesses of the enemy. This gives them
an advantage second to none over the leaders of the other two.

For example, if confronted with the feared Nidan Musket-and-Pike
regiment, the KoW would disperse beyond the vision range of the
Mostali. Then they would force the musketry to expend their ammo

over a extended period by herding cattle, cute bunny rabits etc
in the general direction of the regiment. After this has been
done, they send in cavalry who close in and pick the dwarves of
at their leisure with missile and magics. If the dwarves break

out of the formation and charge, the cavalry quite happily retire
leading the dwarves over a series of stake-filled Ha-has (In
my glorantha at least, Crit-proofed dwarven Armour does not come
complete with seatbelts and/or airbags).

- --Peter Metcalfe


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