Chaos vs Darkness; murder

From: David Dunham (
Date: Sat 11 May 1996 - 07:45:05 EEST

Joerg claims

> Chaos procreates through corruption, you might say. Well, so does Darkness,
> to some extent. Think of all the colourful types of giant maggots provided
> in Trollpak, think of Kyger Litor's Ritual of Rebirth.

I think you present an overly human-centric viewpoint. Yeah, we say rotting
meat is corrupt, but in fact it's still perfectly good food for maggots (to
say nothing of lots of scavengers). It all gets cycled back.

This is different from chaos. Once something gets corrupted by chaos, it is
forever chaotic.

Michael Raaterova wrote

> Death for Death is murder and a capital crime in most societies.

Perhaps in most societies murder is Death for Self. This obviously rules
out war, sacrifices, and vengeance for your kin. It may even rule out many
"crimes of passion" (a Dara Happan noble could probably kill someone he
found sleeping with his wife, since this is a violation of Yelm's law).
Note that the Orlanthi capital crime is "secret murder;" once the killer
shares the news with society, it is no longer Death for Self.


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