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Date: Sat 11 May 1996 - 10:21:53 EEST

Garry wrote:

> I keep hearing references to such things as 'Home of the Bold', and
> 'The Book of Drastic Resolutions'. Ok I know I can be a bit thick
> at times, but what are these?

One of the wonderful things about Glorantha is the volume and quality of fan
productions and publications it's inspired. You're hearing references to a few
of these. Here comes a quick commercial...

'Home of the Bold' is an eighty-player Gloranthan freeform by David Hall and
Kevin Jacklin of the Reaching Moon Megacorp. It's been run three times so far,
at the first Convulsion in '92, at RQCon Maryland '94 and at RQCon Down Under
this January; it'll be returning to Convulsion 3D in Leicester, UK this July.
The game is set in Boldhome, in the course of one particularly hectic and
rebellious week. Characters come from all walks of life: Sartarite chieftains
and rebels; Lunar commanders, officials and carpetbaggers; Boldhomer townsfolk,
merchants and criminals; visitors from Tarsh, the Grazelands and Prax, and
others. It runs over the course of an afternoon and evening (eight hours or so),
at a timescale of sixty minutes to the day. "The Rough Guide to Boldhome" (a
players' guide to the city of Boldhome and the recent history of Sartar) was
written for this game, and is available from the Reaching Moon Megacorp.

"How the West was One" is the sequel to "Home of the Bold", set at the Seventh
Malkioni Ecclesiastical Council: the "Sog City University Conference Guide" is a
players' guide to the Queen of Cities, her ancient Brithini university, and the
history of Western Malkionism.

Neither of these freeforms is available for sale, as they fill huge, bulging
lever-arch files!

"The Book of Drastic Resolutions" is a collection of pieces that didn't make it
into (or were cut from) the final manuscript for "Lords of Terror", collected,
edited and self-published by Stephen Martin. Essentially a companion volume to
"Dorastor: Land of Doom" and "Lords of Terror", though thinly disguised as a
fanzine, it's also available from Reaching Moon Megacorp.

> How come I have never seen/heard of them outside this journal?

Probably because you don't subscribe to "Tales of the Reaching Moon", the
Gloranthan Magazine, which not only contains many fine Gloranthan articles,
scenarios and cult write-ups on a variety of fascinating subjects, but also
announces new products and advertises what's available from the Megacorp. As
you're from Sunderland, you can get these things at source: send email to David
Hall on <100116.2616@compuserve.com> or write to him at:

        Reaching Moon Megacorp
        21 Stephenson Court
        Osborne Street
        Berkshire SL1 1TN
        United Kingdom

and ask for more details. There are other goodies out there you may not have
seen or heard of (Wyrms Footprints; Glorious Reascent of Yelm; Fortunate
Succession; Heroes of Wisdom; RQCon Compendium 1+2; Questlines; RQ Adventures;
Codex): all of these should be available from David, but if you'd like to know
more about any of them, please ask here. Given your interest in Gloranthan
storytelling, you might like to know that there's fiction in the Con books
(Compendia and Questlines), as well as on my WWW home-page.

Foreign folk wanting to know about RMM products should probably email our main
regional representatives to ask about availability, price, who to order from,

        Europe David Hall <100116.2616@compuserve.com>
        America David Gadbois <gadbois@cs.utexas.edu>
        Australia Michael O'Brien <mobtotrm@vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au>

Some of our products are also available from the world's better game shops
(defined, of course, as "the ones that stock our products"), including (to my
knowledge) Virgin Megastores, Esdevium Games, The Orc's Nest and The Compleat
Strategist. If your local games shop doesn't stock "Tales", why not ask them to?

==== PS: Sandy, did you ever wonder *why*
Nick I can't stop grinning cheesily when
==== I'm looking in your direction? <g>


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