From: Martin Crim (mcrim@erols.com)
Date: Sat 11 May 1996 - 16:07:28 EEST

Lewis writes, in V2 #554,
>Note that when someone is wearing 16+ points of critical proof armour they
>are virtually unkillable (ref: Onslaught).

Nah. Just need a 2d6 damage bonus (avg 7), troll maul (2d8, avg. 9), Crush
4 (4d4, avg. 10), and Bludgeon 4; range 12-48, average 30. Hardly unusual
for a great troll or smallish giant, and nowhere near the outlandish or
heroic range.

"Mashes dwarf up into fine pate'. Spread him on elf-bone cracker."
- --Grunt Gurk (bite attack a mere 74%)

As for 350% Horali Swordsmen, remember this: according to Da Roolz, one
cannot advance past 75% in any skill which increases by experience except by
experience checks. You'd have lots of attrition in the ranks, even with
sorcerous resurrection, as you go up in skill.

- --Martin Crim (bite attack 13%)


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