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Joerg Baumgartner asks

>Which tempts me to ask a question about the role of Fertility among
>Hell-dwelling uzkind. Do they have some kind of negative poled
>fertility (works best in Hell)?

For sure! - In Hell Uzuz were born exclusively, since leaving and coming
to the hurtplace (and before the Trollkin curse), Uzko became the main
troll type. - Obviously, the curse has severly affected Troll fertility,
whether returning to hell would counteract the curse or just lead to
more superior enlo I don't know.

<sidethought just arisen - attempts to break the trollkin curse as
examples of female non-violent heroquests?>

Sandy said way back in digest 542 that published scenarios were becoming
increasingly hard to fit into ongoing campaigns, even sometimes needing
provided characters to make them playable. Then more recently in the
discusion between Freeforms (I too use Larp to mean rubber swording,
sorry) and Traditional rpgs claimed the former were much superior, as
(inter alia) you didn't have to worry about playing the same character
again next time and were free to behave in character, even where that
might lead to spectacular failure (or glorious success...) and death.

Do you see the link?

Long running campaigns are/can be great fun as your starting out young,
unskilled, backwards, ignorant peasant farm boy rises to become one of
the most important leaders in the Hero Wars with tribes, cults and
strange exotic races rushing to obey their eveery whim, while lozenge
threatening Magicks not seen since the golden age are unleashed upon the
foe, (or, alternately, becomes a slightly older, more skilled semi-
civilised ignorant peasant farm owner, depending on your preferred style
of play) but they do require a fair amount of work and commitment both
from the GM and the players. A stand alone scenario is an equally valid
roleplaying event, and an equally valid way of exploring/experiencing
some facit of Glorantha (or any other game world for that matter). -
Keep up the good work all you scenario writers says I (and not only
because I am crap at it!)


David Cake (I think) expresssed horror at his own mock suggestion of a
Gloranthan CCG. Which is a shame, as I was going to ask whether anybody
had seen Mythos, and considered an adaption as a Heroquest Card game.
Not, I hasten to add, that I think that such a game would be a perfect
HQ mechanic, or that such a game would be a financial success, but it
could be fun, and a way explore the heroplane.

For those who have not seen Mythos, a quick explanation.
Cards represent Allies, Events, Locations, Spells, Arifacts, Monsters
and Adventures. An adventure is in the from of a narative with certain
words capitalized. These capitilzed words indicate the cards (some
general (the MONSTER) and some specific (the "SON OF YOG_SHOTHOTH") that
you need to play to succesfully complete the adventure, at which point
you "Briefly but colorfully narrate the essential details of your
Adventure, displaying the required cards..." to score the victory points
for that adventure (different adventures are worth different points).

Now it struck me that a set of cards which drew on a "mythic Glorantha"
rather than a "Lovecraftian horror" background would make a fine way of
exploring heroquests without needing to worry about fitting in with
existing RQ Mechanics ;-) - all this, and another tournament for
Convulsions! (Go on David, admit it, you've always wanted to give away a
free, limited edition Gloranthan Trading card with ToTRM haven't you.)

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