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Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 00:44:16 EEST

Peter Metcalfe:

>They are fearsome. But in battle they are completely hampered
>by their taciturn, conservative nature. They go by the book for

>everything and flately refuse to innovate.

Hmm, I don't agree. I belive the fact that dwarves invented gun powder,
and started to use it for military purposes show that they are very

innovative. I belive any race that have tied to invade their mountain
fortresses have found out just how innovative they are.

>Yes, with their firearms and automatic crossbows, they are
>completely awesome. But look at the minus side: they are so
>shortsighted, they would need inch-thick glasses to see anything
>clearly beyond 100m. This does put some major crimp in their
>offensive capability on the battle field.

>For example, if confronted with the feared Nidan Musket-and-Pike
>regiment, the KoW would disperse beyond the vision range of the

>After this has been
>done, they send in cavalry who close in and pick the dwarves of
>at their leisure with missile and magics.

They are short sighted? Now where does this piece of info come from?
I think it's worth remebering that we are talking about a sorcery using
race here. Range isn't that much of a problem. Even lousy vision would be
a relatively minor problem. It's the KoW that benefits from closing (if

you can use the term "benefits" in this context :))

MOB allso commented on this

> Death-dealing Horali
> Despite individual stats at an almost Onslaughtian level, I go along with
> the idea that the Kingdom of War are probably more effective on the
> battlefield. Why? Cos the Brithini are by nature incredibly
> conservative. For them, to innovate is to die. Thus, they *must* fight
> using the same tactics, weapons and technology they used before the Dawn.

First of all I don't think the Horalis' higest priority is to allways do
battle in the same way. Their concept of caste structure should be pretty
lose when it comes to actually how they are going to fight, since battle
is a very unpredictable thing. And battle is what
these guys do. I rather think their first concern is to get home alive
(this could be their weakness though).

And second, the fact that they have to use old tactics don't have to be
that bad in Glorantha. This is a question of wether Glorantha is
developing in the way our world is. Are you sure that the tactics, and
technology of modern glorantha is any better than pre dawn equipmen and
tactics? I don't think this is allways true.

> If an enemy knows how the Brithini fight, they can *innovate* and find
> ways to beat them, and they know it will be very difficult for the
> Brithini to develop counter-measures without inducing waves of wrinkles,
> liver spots, incontinence and senility through the ranks.

Hmm, This could be the Brithinis advantage . They most
likely have vast ammounts of literature on how to do battles. A tactic
for any occation if you like. The Horali strike me as an army with only
one objective: To win, no matter what. And I belive their cast
regulations reflect that. "kill the ape men, and preserver our harmonious

MOB allso had some enjoing examples of British concervatism.
I wonder, is the Brithini army called the British army? :)

> From: Martin Crim
> As for 350% Horali Swordsmen, remember this: according to Da Roolz, one
> cannot advance past 75% in any skill which increases by experience except by
> experience checks. You'd have lots of attrition in the ranks, even with
> sorcerous resurrection, as you go up in skill.

I think you should remember, since you drag RQ rules into this, that an
average Horali will have about 50% chance to increase his skill by
experience. This does make the stats a little more belivable I think.

I will also like to comment on the rather wimpy Iron mostali :)
I don't think Diamond dwarves are better than the orignal mostali. And to
be accepted as a diamond dwarf you have to have 2000% in your five caste
skills (Elder Secrets). I rather think it should be: Chosen weapon 3500,
2nd: 3000, 3rd: 2500, others 2000 (bite: 2500 at least)

Who is this Onslaught guy :)

But now over to something quite different. Nick Brook posted a really
usefull "How The West was One" character some time ago. I have gotten
hold of the Guide to Sog city book (great stuff), but I wonder; what
happened at the meeting? Could anybody post a resyme? or is this spilling
the beans for another convention. If so send it to me privatly, I'll

probably never have the chance to attend one your freeforms anyway (This
is btw, the main reason I hope Glorantha LARPs won't be more important than
TTP: Many Glorantha junkies outside central europe (or USA for
that matter) will suffer for it)

I know asking for this is "cheating" but I'm planing a Loskalmi campaing
this summer, and I don't even know who is comming. And this could save me
a lot of work.

Well I've wasted enough of your time allready :)

Frank Rafaelsen
"Si fallor, sum"


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