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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 01:15:13 EEST

MOB remarks on the Horali
>Despite individual stats at an almost Onslaughtian level, I go
along with
>the idea that the Kingdom of War are probably more effective on the
>battlefield. <goes on to describe their lack of innovation>.

Exactly. Consider the question:
        "Should we adopt crossbows or not, sir? The enemy forces
have been using them for several generations now, and we find that
the larger varieties are able to pierce our breastplates on
occasion. It would seem a very powerful weapon. But it's not
mentioned in the Horali Codicile of Lore. Dare we try it?"
        "We must! And with all alacrity. Order a volunteer to train
in the device. We'll watch him for the next 60 years to see if he
begins to age. If not, we'll have him kill a Seshnegi with it, as an
actual "combat" use. Then watch him for signs of aging for
_another_ 60 years. If he is still fine, then we'll train an entire
squad of ten in its use, and practice with them for a century or two
to see how they work out in conjunction with the rest of the army."

Remember, the Horali don't ride horses -- only the leaders do. It
is, of course, commonly believed that riding horses is deadly to
Horali. But is it? I doubt anyone really knows.

Sandy P.


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