Re: Wild Man & Kralori

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 02:21:43 EEST

>Guh? I thought that Hsunchen, to the Kralori, signified "a animal
>that looks like a man", not "a man that tries to emulate animals",
>since Hsunchen are not true People.
        Correct. Wild Man spawned the Hsunchen off of the
appropriate animal types. Even the Kralori can tell that the
Hsunchen look like humans, and act like beasts. And that the
Hsunchen are better off looking like humans than being beasts, and
that they ought to attempt to educate themselves and graduate from
slavish beasthood to a more highly evolved state. Even if they're
_still_ beasts, deep inside. A tame dog is preferable to a feral

>I thought it strange that the inscrutable Easterners should see
more similarity >between the Broos emulating raw Chaos and the
Hsunchen emulating animals, than >between the Hsunchen and, say, the
        Hsunchen are wild and ferocious animals. Broos are wild and
ferocious animals. Aldryami are civilized, but potentially
ferocious plants. Clearly broos and hsunchen are closer to one
another than either is to Aldryami.


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