Heroism, favorite cults

From: ANDOVER@delphi.com
Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 03:44:31 EEST

The most heroic pc single action I ever saw was in our Balazar campaign
when a group including women and children had the misfortune to have
a random encounter with an allosaur. (By the way, we don't soften encounter
rolls or battle rolls in our campaigns -- which is why we don't get Rune
levels) The character involved was one with whom the player had a strong
identification -- but given the circumstances he ran forward to hold off
the allosaur while the rest of the party scattered. What followed was one
of the two best episodes of player luck I have ever seen: the allosaur
missed with the claw (a 5% chance) -- hit with the bite -- and the PC
rolled a critical shield parry, so he wasn't even bashed to the ground.
The next round a player in the back critted the creature in the head. Not
only did the PC save his family, he was rewarded by being saved himself.
As to favorite cults, one of my sons said Lhankor Mhy, the other said
Thanatar! Personally, though I have never played a Malkioni except in one
LARP, and although it is irritating that God mumbles, I still think he
should! So I go with the Invisible God.
Jim Chapin


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