Re: Horals

From: David Dunham (
Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 07:59:34 EEST

MOB wrote

> it will be very difficult for the
> Brithini to develop counter-measures without inducing waves of wrinkles,
> liver spots, incontinence and senility through the ranks.

I had always pictured that most Brithini deaths would be similar to the
side effect of The Spell Forbidden by Orostio -- the offender *starts* to
age. Furthermore, a Horal obeying a radical order would be behaving
correctly. Only the courageous general who gave the order would suffer a
horrible, lingering (most of us live at least 20 years past our physical
prime), inevitable death. Of course, his loyal lieutenants might refuse to

carry out such an order, knowing it would mean their leader's death.

That said, I agree that the Horals would be extremely unlikely to be
flexible. On the other hand, the tactics they do use are probably pretty
refined, and you'd have to be pretty innovative to catch them off guard.


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