MOB & Last Deville story

From: martin (102541.3423@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 12:26:25 EEST

MOB Comments upon the latest Deville Story:

>Aside from Martin's er, shall we say, adventurous approach to spelling
>and punctuation*, I was happy to see Onslaught back where he belongs: as
>literary creation. Though having read the story, viz:

Adventurous! Il'l Huve you now my:, punctiotion. Is secoond to noun and my
spelling is! fhenomenil.

To be honest, I'm glad Onslaught is back as a character rather than stats but I
still think its interesting to fit the stats to the character (sometimes).
Regarding my punctuation and spelling, I write the stories in my coffee breaks
while sipping my coffee so not only are they badly spelled but they often have
large amounts of Irish Cream Coffee splashed all over the screen.

> Lissus winced at the look of terror in Omanders eyes as the big
>warrior frog-marched him out of the room to his own. He was still wincing at
>the sounds of excruciating pain coming from Onslaughts room when Deville
>came in.
> "Whats all the noise?" He asked, frowning.
> "Er, Sword Onslaught is 'instructing' young Omander sir."

>...I am even more certain Big O is the pervert I tried to make him out
>to be, or at least would be considered so by many saner Gloranthans.

Well I can't argue with him being weird and many Gloranthans would think he was
off his tree but perversion has little to do with it, he merely related
everything to combat. I believe Devilles next line was "Sounds like he's
eviscerating him to me!"

Did anyone ever see that Young Ones episode when Viviane hits Rick between the
legs really hard with a cricket bat and Rick yells out "Ha! Missed BOTH of my
legs!" Having recieved many a sturdy kick in the balls while sparring (and on
one memorable occasion with my own leg) this had me both wincing and falling off
my chair laughing.

>*Lest I be accused of being churlish, know that I am no paragon of virtue
>when it comes to this area either; as a first year university student I had
>an Ancient History essay reduced from H1 to H2A soley because I had
>spelled the word Pharaoh 6 different ways, all worng.

You know, I think I had that lecturer too....

From your perspective, how do you think the Coders would see Deville and his
mini-horde of maniacs? I have my own view but would be interested in yours.

Martin Laurie


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