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Lewis Jardine:

>>KIngdom of War 6

>You've got to be joking. Alright, all the KoWs are fanatical, leathal,
>skilled, homocidal maniacs. BUT they have neither the massive personal
>magical support, nor the absolutely top-notch equipment

But they _are_ magical in themselves. The army of KoW is the magical
manifestation of the concept of the total war. Think mythical, not

Putting RQ stats to something is a good way of visualizing it, but it
also runs the risk of trapping it in real world terms, where the
magical and mythical dimensions are intangible.

>In many campaigns, important things get decided that affect
>the PC's lives, but which the PCs themselves, realistically, would
>have little input into. Such events can be handled by means of a
>The Sartar High Council met to discuss whether or not they
>ought to rebel against the Lunar occupation. No PC was important
>enough in Greg's campaign to be in on the council's deliberations.
>So they all played members of the council and debated it out, each
>with their own agendas.
>I plan
>to have a diplomatic intrigue by the various important Isles, with
>spies, traitors, etc., in which my players will run the bigwigs.

I tried this in my campaign. The players played the kings and queens of
their islands, deciding what to do about an ancestral enemy which
seemed to have changed drastically.

The players hated it. They wanted to play their own characters,
preferably letting them in on these negotiations.

Swedish LARPs:

>And more Nick:
>> Erik Sieurin describes (in an excellent summary) live roleplaying in
>> Sweden.

Erm, Nils is the scandinavian form of Nikolaos for sure, but I'm usually
not called Nick... (No offense taken).

>> I have been put off a bit by the very elitist attitude of the 'live-ers'.
>Can I QUOTE this in an ongoing debate in the Live-fanzine StrapatS?

Preferably not (at least in my name), since it would piss off people
who are my personal friends even if I don't like all their attitudes.
Now, this would indicate that I'm a coward, which is probably true,
but it's actually more that I think there are better ways to open
people's eyes than insulting them.

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