Horali skill checks

From: Martin Crim (mcrim@erols.com)
Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 18:54:29 EEST

Frank Rafaelsen writes, in V2 #559, in response to me:
MC> As for 350% Horali Swordsmen, remember this: according to Da Roolz, one
MC> cannot advance past 75% in any skill which increases by experience except by
MC> experience checks. You'd have lots of attrition in the ranks, even with
MC> sorcerous resurrection, as you go up in skill.

FR>I think you should remember, since you drag RQ rules into this, that an
FR>average Horali will have about 50% chance to increase his skill by
FR>experience. This does make the stats a little more belivable I think.

Huh? Are you implying he has a 50% Attack skill bonus?! I think not, even if
(as the rules do not state) magical stat enhancements count. If your STR,
INT, and DEX are all 18, then even Enhance STR and DEX 18 (which you'd have
to keep up for a week to enhance the experience check, if that works at all)
would give you an Attack bonus of only +47. I'll avoid further discussion
of this point, as it seems far too rulesy for this digest, but let me put it
another way: any army has attrition, and needs replacements. The Brithini
are pathologically averse to death, and replace losses very slowly. This
implies that their individual soldiers are not Onslaughtian.

- --Martin Crim


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