Two bolgs on Freeform and LARP vs TTRP

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 21:17:00 EEST

My current experience with LARP of any fashion is quite limited: twice as
player (a Cthulhu one, and HtWW1), twice as co-author (one of these as
referee, too...), and once as disruptive outside force (thanks, Nick, for
letting me fall into my scimitar...).

While I do agree that people tend to identify with their characters more in
a "life" situation, I found LARPs to distort the "reality" of the setting
even more than TTRP rules do. Just in order to create an interesting
situation, some very artificial goals have to be written into peoples'
characters, and quite artificial settings are used to get all the characters
into one "place" where they can interact.

Court-intrigue style plots are probably best played in a LARPy way, but
playing a freeform character is similar to play a TTRP tournament character
or a new TTRP character using a rigid previous experience system - you just
cannot influence the character's upbringing in any way.

Personally, I'm not sure what I'd choose when faced with the choice between
participating in an ongoing campaign-style TTRP or say a few one-off LARPs.

>From the writing experience, I'm more willing to work for the TTRP side, or
the overlapping areas of both, and refereeing TTRP can be as fulfilling as
refereeing a LARP - at least you know what is happening most of the time,
and after the game.

The currently best simulation of Glorantha seems to be the Decameron style
storytelling. I hope to toss in my bolgs as soon I am done with our current
LARP project, which kept me from arguing with Alex et al in public for too
long already...

Until then, come to Castle Stahleck in a fortnight, and let Ralios Rise!
There are characters available yet...


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