Byzantines; KOW

Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 23:33:14 EEST

MOB always refers to the Byzantines after Manzikert in dismissive terms;
but this is to overlook the Comnenian revival, part show, inded, but it
is not until after Myriocephalum in 1180, more than a century after Manzikert, that the Empire ceased
to be a great power. And it was not until after the rape of Constantinople
by the West in 1204 that poverty was a serious problem for the Empire.

  On the KOW, I quite agree with Sandy's rating. As for the Dwarves and
the Brithini, their rating is somewhat theoretical, since neither is likely
to risk themselves on offense, but the 5 rating certainly applies to them
on defense!

  One result of the combination of the KOW's strength and the incredible
and permanent consequences of losing to them is that I am even more sure
that those who fight them would use any weapon that came to hand, whether
chaos, disease, or any other Gloranthan equivalents of poison gas or
nuclear weapons!

Jim Chapin


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