From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 23:44:57 EEST

Frank wrote:

> But now over to something quite different. Nick Brook posted a really
> useful "How The West was One" character some time ago. I have gotten
> hold of the Guide to Sog City book (great stuff), but I wonder: what
> happened at the meeting? Could anybody post a resume? or is this
> spilling the beans for another convention.

I'm glad you liked the book! Several HtWwO characters' game write-ups are in the
RQCon 2 Compendium, and others will be in the (imminently to be released)
Convulsion '94 Compendium, available now and shortly from the Reaching Moon
Megacorp. We have no plans to run the game again, so don't worry about "spilling
the beans".

> I know asking for this is "cheating" but I'm planing a Loskalmi campaign
> this summer, and I don't even know who is comming. And this could save me
> a lot of work.

If there's anything we can tell you about Loskalm that isn't in the archives (or
in Tales #13), please ask! I'd be happy to post excerpts from relevant character
sheets, background bits, or whatever else would help your proposed game. Using
available resources isn't cheating: it's common sense!

==== Nils: why would anyone
Nick take offence at being
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