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Date: Mon 13 May 1996 - 00:30:37 EEST

David Dunham

> That said, I agree that the Horals would be extremely unlikely to be
> flexible. On the other hand, the tactics they do use are probably pretty
> refined, and you'd have to be pretty innovative to catch them off guard.

This is my view exactly, if only a little more eloquently said :)=20

Peter Metcalfe:=20
> Gun powder...hmmm...They invented this before the Dawn and the=20
> Mostali are using flintlock muskets 2000+ years later. IMHO the=20
> only *innovative* dwarves are either heretics, diamonds (on the=20
> off-chance they can break out of their mould) or True Mostali. =20
> All others are anal-retentive stick-in-the-muds.

Well if my memory isn=ABt failing me, I seem to rememberthat gun powder is=
an old invention, but using it for guns is pretty new. I seem to remeber th=
they only started to use it in this way after humans stole the crossbow
idea. And the invention of the cannon is something else that shows

dwarves can think new.=20
Now I think that the reason dwarves might seem stagnant is because they=20
haven=ABt been involved in all out wars for quite som time. Imagine all the=

technical horrors they have kept hidden from mans=AB eye because they=20
haven=ABt been needed. (Mk. T1000 Jolanti, Enchanted steel machine guns tha=
fire 12.7mm MP rounds (MagicPiercing) etc.) Dwarves being extremely=20
secretive when it comes to their inventions.=20
As the dwarves have a linear view of time, there is every reason to belive=
they are developing new tactics and weapons. The world machine is being=20
repaired at this very moment.=20

> Eh? We are talking about an army operating above ground and lousy=20
> vision is a minor problem? Operating above ground is the dwarven=20
> equivalent of human nightfighting. And I don't see how using sorcery
> solves their problem. =20

Ok, you have conviced me that they are short sighted, but I don=ABt think=
it=ABs this bad. This makes the dwarves even lousier than the Uz at surface=

combat. In one area, mesuring distance, I even think dwarves are quite=20
good. If not by sight, then by sound. Perhaps this isn=ABt very effective=
above ground, but it=ABs good enough to target an army. And handy if you=20
are going to call artillery fire, and I don=ABt, for a second, doubt that=

they have it. :) =20

The other points you made was quite convincing.

Nils Weinander commented on:=20
> >>KIngdom of War 6
> But they _are_ magical in themselves. The army of KoW is the magical
> manifestation of the concept of the total war. Think mythical, not
> practical.

Now this is a good point! I felt it was to high, but this quite=20
nicely explains why it must be like this. All my reservations are laid to=
I still belive Loskalm is a bit underrated though. Not that it will=20
matter in the face of such a foe.:)

> From: Martin Crim=20
> Huh? Are you implying he has a 50% Attack skill bonus?! I think not, even=
> (as the rules do not state) magical stat enhancements count. If your STR=
> INT, and DEX are all 18, then even Enhance STR and DEX 18 (which you'd ha=
> to keep up for a week to enhance the experience check, if that works at a=
> would give you an Attack bonus of only +47. =20

I use Sandy=ABs sorcery roolz so keeping something up
doesn=ABt have to be that difficult once you have cast the spells.
(*only* +47 :-)=20
But should we let spells increase skill modifiers? Perhaps not, since =20
players are likely to figur it out right away. I haven=ABt made up my mind=
about it yet.

>... any army has attrition, and needs replacements. The Brithini
> are pathologically averse to death, and replace losses very slowly. This
> implies that their individual soldiers are not Onslaughtian.

Your second point makes a lot of sense, but I belive the brithini have been=
having babies for quite some time now. Not that this makes them any less=20
afraid of death, but it could make the leaders more likely to sacrifice=20
soldiers. And disobeying orders would be something *no* sane horali would=
do. That=ABs why I belive these soldiers, in a way have high morals.=20
Running means dying of old age, staying could mean making a difference.

This causes the horalis=AB battle prowess to be completely dependent on=20
their leaders=AB skills. This could explain why they have lost some battles=
in the past.

Frank Rafaelsen
"Si fallor, sum"


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