MOB and the Freeform/TTRP Fusion

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Date: Mon 13 May 1996 - 03:24:37 EEST

All this talk of TTRP vs Freeform reminded me of MOB's great "Club Campaign"
experiment. Back in his undergraduate days at Melb Uni MOB was Prez of
the Uni Role Playing Club (MAG Inc) and he and Trevor Ackerley came up
with the idea of a "Club Campaign" to take place on our regular gaming night.
The basic idea was that multiple parties would be "adventuring" simultaneously
in the same campaign. Each party had it's own GM and ideally a spare
master GM would circulate between parties so that events and interactions
could be co-ordinated. Characters could freely move between parties
and plotting against and competing with other parties was strongly encouraged.
It had elements of both Freeform and TTRP but while it showed great promise

we never quite acheived critical mass of either players or GM's to make it
work as planned. We did however have some great game sessions. MOB, perhaps you would care to give us the Secret History ?

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