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Date: Mon 13 May 1996 - 10:51:19 EEST

I wrote:

> Death for Death is murder and a capital crime in most societies.

and David Dunham replied

>Perhaps in most societies murder is Death for Self. This obviously rules
>out war, sacrifices, and vengeance for your kin. It may even rule out many
>"crimes of passion" (a Dara Happan noble could probably kill someone he
>found sleeping with his wife, since this is a violation of Yelm's law).
>Note that the Orlanthi capital crime is "secret murder;" once the killer
>shares the news with society, it is no longer Death for Self.

What i meant by Death for Death was killing for no other justification than
killing, even if you have reasons to do it (didn't like his face). Which
should be a capital crime in most societies.

If an orlanthi commits a secret murder and later shares the news it his
deed, he will still be ostracized and outlawed if he didn't have a good
justification for his act. If he openly declared his intention in public
beforehand and his reasons for wanting to do it, there would still be a
trial afterwards to settle the weregild or the declaration of a blood feud,
but he wouldn't be ostracized.

I'm not sure what you mean by Death for Self, David. But this was my
clarification of what i meant.


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