KoW takes on all comers

From: garry.nixon (oa5gni@zen.sunderland.ac.uk)
Date: Mon 13 May 1996 - 14:10:56 EEST

I tried to post this note a few days ago but my server ate it, sorry

Why is the Kingdom of war better than the Horali, or the Iron Mostali?

On a one to one basis, I would say they aren't, but I assume that the
scores reflect the battlefield as opposed to the duel. In which case I

One point I figure worth mentioning is how the respective cultures view
death (or DEATH). If I remember rightly (Swiss Cheese Memory strikes
again) the KoW worships a variety of Death orienteered dietys amongst
others, in my mind the live for war, and have no fear of Death.
Now for the Mostali and the Horali, they are both immortal, and Death
has no place in thier culture. I imagine that theese guys would fear
death as much chaos for example. They have no belife structutre to give
themselves some solace as to what happens to them after death ie. they
both belive: you die, you no longer have a place in the universe. Okay
immortality gives you much more time to be a better skilled warrior, but
really this is only effective against those similar to you. When you are
standing on a battlefield looking at a bunch of guys to whom death is a
opportunity to drinking with your God forever, I think theses guys would
have a serious morale problem.

I could of course be wrong!

Lots of Love, Stay Hucky [Hucky=Happy+Lucky], Garry.


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