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I loved Doyle's Arros story. Only one thing read oddly to me:

> As do many of the so-called "western" peoples, we acknowledge the
> existence of the Creator. Yet for my people the Creator is little more
> than an acknowledgment of a natural process, albeit the prime process.

I'd have expected something more assertive: "We, unlike those others, are fully
aware that this so-called 'Creator' is nothing more than ..." Unless, in later
life, Arros comes to disagree with his people's perception of the Creator, it
seems odd to me that he should almost *disparage* their (his) belief: "Creator
<who we all know is more important than this> is to my <backward> people little
more than ..."

Other than that, no problems!

(Do you suppose the inhabitants of the City of Ten Thousand Magicians, that EWF
relict, would be known to outsiders as "Dracomancers"? Just a thought...)

Freeforms, again

I'm quite flattered to realise that part of reason for the worry expressed by
Doyle re: whether Freeforms are getting too much attention vs. traditional
role-playing games is that he'd rather have us Gloranthan authors producing RPG
scenarios than freeform games. Unfortunately, I'm not really faced with that
dichotomy: I don't write scenarios often, or well, or that are good enough for
publication. I'm not a "stats man", and get bored working out the Butt Attack of
the third broo on the left.

But I'm happy to explore Glorantha through freeforms, working out the reasons
and motives that move the world: policy and history and rivalry and personality.
Answering questions like: What kind of man is King Congern of Jonatela, and why
would he be interested in Malkioni theology? How can I briefly explain the
Waertagi mindset to someone who may have no previous Gloranthan knowledge? What
plans does the Lunar Empire have for Arrolia? In what ways do Rokari look and
act different to Hrestoli? How do these people see themselves?

Thinking about these issues produces lots more colour and flavour for fleshing
out the world than lists of Rune spells or population stats do (for me).

Part of the fun of freeform-writing is describing the world-view of each
faction, culture, or player individually: these "bluesheets" (in HtWwO, these
were Sect Writeups) which contain background common to several players, but not
issued to everyone in the game, are very enjoyable to write. I'd hope they are
also useful outside the freeform: as they're mechanics-independent and written
as a very high level overview of Glorantha, they should be useful player
handouts in a traditional RPG setting.

Glorantha wasn't written to be a setting for skirmish wargames!

Re: Loskalm vs. KoW (hoary old chestnut dept.)

IMHO, one of the things the KoW represents is the "Death of Chivalry" -- all the
advances and innovations and technologies attitudes which explain why chivalrous
combat between knights in shining armour *isn't* the way wars are fought today.
So every time an army that is "Right but Repulsive" hammers opposition that's
"Wrong but Wromantic", we see the Kingdom of War at work. I'd like to make them
feel like:

        English longbows vs. French chivalry at Agincourt;
        Crossbows (a Satanic weapon!) and Gunpowder (ditto);
        Roundheads vs. Cavaliers;
        Wellington vs. Napoleon (plodding English vs. inspired French);
        Machine-guns vs. French "Elan" in the trench war;
        Panzer blitzkrieg vs. Polish cavalry charges;

I'm not saying they "have" all these things, obviously (though they might just
have gunpowder IMHO), but rather that the impact of fighting the Kingdom of War
should be similar to any or all of these situations: the chivalrous Loskalmi way
of war is "outdated" against this opposition, and although honourable knights in
shining armour are all very well, they aren't exactly practical at the moment...

Food for thought, anyway.



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