Date: Mon 13 May 1996 - 17:20:27 EEST

G'day all,


Jim Chapin:
>MOB always refers to the Byzantines after Manzikert in dismissive terms;
>but this is to overlook the Comnenian revival, part show, inded, but it
>is not until after Myriocephalum in 1180, more than a century after
>Manzikert, that the Empire ceased to be a great power. And it was
>not until after the rape of Constantinople by the West in 1204 that
>poverty was a serious problem for the Empire.

Jim is of course damn right, and I'm doing a great dishonour to Alexis
Comnenus and a number of other able rulers in the post Manzikert
period. My comment about the 'leather painted like gold crown' etc.
properly applies to *much* later, in the dreadful times leading up to 1453
and the Manzikert quote was misleading. Be that as it may, Manzikert is
one of history's turning points and, as might well happen to the Horali
some day, was the battle the Byzantines never recovered from. This judgement
is made looking back with the benefit of hindsight of course: the
people at the time did not realise it was a mortal wound, albeit one that
took another *4 centuries* to finally extinguish the victim.


Martin wonders:
>From your perspective, how do you think the Coders would see Deville
>and his mini-horde of maniacs? I have my own view but would be
>interested in yours.

Deville himself has an official status, yes? I'm not right up on his
escapades, but from what I recall, Deville's loyalty to the Empire is
amply demonstrated and sincerely expressed. Has he done anything that
would earn their ire, as yet? That he obviously loathes Sor-Eel would
be points in his favour too. [Negatives would be the bunch of
stock heavies that follow him around. Deville himself is a lot more
interesting and convincing!]




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