Live roleplaying in Sweden

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Date: Mon 13 May 1996 - 15:43:12 EEST

Erik Sieurin wrote a lot about the Live roleplaying situation in
Sweden to which I would like to comment:

I would gladly come to a Gloranthan Live too, and so would probably
some of my friends. We even thought about organizing one about a year
ago but never found time. I would by far prefer a Freeform game to
a traditional Swedish style Live game though. The Freeform seem to
keep the things I like from ordinary Live games, adding a number of
further advantages while doing away with things I don't like in
traditional Live games, such as rubberswords, having to get rained at
for an entire weekend and having to spend a fortune in time and money
to create equipment. (I'm about as disgusted as Nils about the
direction the hobby is going in Sweden, as far as elitism is concerned.)

I actually like the more structured rules, and the better defined and
described characters. If all Freeform Characters are as interesting and
well described as the Waertagi Captain that was posted some week ago
(I've forgotten by whom), traditional Swedish style Live Roleplaying has
a lot to learn.

Can someone who knows tell me a little about how certain things are
handled practically in Freeforms? How is things like masscombat and
skills resolved? And what exactly can you do with a "Bugger Underling"


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