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Date: Mon 13 May 1996 - 18:37:43 EEST

Okay in the Storytelling spirit of the moment, another story for you to
peruse, at your pleasure, If you like there might even be more....

The smells of turf, smoke and ale filled the inn. There was a bustle
about the place common for market day, and the carpetbagger at the far
end was busy, counting money, taxing goodfolks lands, livestock and
livelihood to the point of desperation. I couldn't help but think that
only last year, he wouldn't have made it 100 yards after dark before
we'd've lifted it from him, but that was before we'd been caught out in
our own game, when the moonies bushed us driving 50 head back to the
stead, and killed, crucified, or scattered the clan. Those few of us
left got themselves adopted, except for me and a few of the lads, we
went hunting that darkman bastard who'd betrayed us, until he breathed
his last.

"Jhirack Carnelian of the clan Leahsonn?"

Damn! caught dreaming, must remember the old ways were gone. My
interrogator was a greybeard, dressed in a clergy get-up, I figured I'd
ignore him.

"Jhirack Carnelian, foundling and adoptee of the riding clan Leahsonn,
survivor of the repriasal raid on the Leahsonn stead,"

"Aye, what'you want?" he'd got my attention, anybody who knew that much
about me was either important, dangerous or both. He wasn't bothered who
heard. It bothered me a lot.

"Do they not teach respect for the priesthood no more in Hendriecki lands?"

Yeah, a poor third after kin and clan. "If you're here to preach, you've
got a big enough voice to do it." I was loosing it, and I knew it, if I
didn't settle soon, I'd start shouting.

"Carnelian, they said you were a hard one, but if you keep this up you
will be up for reprisal. You are close enough as it is,"

I downed the spirit I'd been nursing, and felt it burn its way down my
throat. It did to reign my temper somewhat. Much as I had no time for
this, a dose of the 'pests was something I could do without. "Okay, what
can I do for you?"

                        ........ more later.

Lots of Love, Stay Hucky[Hucky=Happy+Lucky], Garry.


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