Gloranthan LARPs

Date: Tue 14 May 1996 - 02:48:17 EEST

Jesper Wahrner writes

If all Freeform Characters are as interesting and
well described as the Waertagi Captain that was posted some week ago
(I've forgotten by whom), traditional Swedish style Live Roleplaying has
a lot to learn.

Well, the freeform characters written by the TotRM crew do all seem to
be that interesting! Hats off to them for incredible jobs of scenario
writing and character interaction!

By the way, given what SP writes about the typical American LARPs, that
they run for a full weekend, has anyone thought of doing a Gloranthan
run that would last that long? Given that the majority of attendees
at the GloranthaCons seem to play in the LARPs, I wonder whether the
"loss" of non-LARP players might be made up for by the "gain" of bringing
people who would be more willing to play in a LARP than in a table-top
game (I know several).

Jim Chapin


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