sailing down to Hell

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>If taken at face value, these two sources could indicate (contrary to "Spirits
>of the Sea" and common sense) that the Waertagi are, indeed, immune to the
>Closing. So why haven't we seen them throughout the Third Age? Because they
>didn't want to be seen, and we couldn't go to sea to find them!

       The Vadeli have spent most of the third age in Hell, as far as I am
aware, sailing their dragonships down Magasta's Pool. Now that is a
spectacular image!
        Now, you could assume either that they were vulnerable to the
Closing and that was their only chance for survival, or you could assume
that they were merely doing it for nepharious reasons of their own (in some
misguided effort to contact the Brithini? Something to do with the hordes
of the dead that came back to help them against the God Learners?).




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