Re: Hellwood

Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 03:52:39 EEST

My belief about the Hellwood elves is that they were, in fact,
refugees from Rist. This does not deny the possibility that there
were earlier chaotic elves living in Hellwood, nor that a portion of
dissidents from the Poisonthorn Elves did not help establish
        I know that at one time the forests of Hellwood and
Poisonthorn were one unit (though they still had the two different
regions of elves). The Krjalki elves burned out a huge swath of the
forest in order to isolate the Poisonthorns more thoroughly.
        I also know that the Poisonthorns claim to have lived in
their forest since the time of Gbaji, and to have received their
special plant from Aldrya as a gift for resisting Gbaji's influence.

Sandy P.


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