Out of the frying pan and into the.....

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Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 14:46:03 EEST

Joerg of the Baumgartner Clan express a deeper interest in the
existence of a frying pan made of iron. Here some examples:
1, Iron. Not Steel (Enchanted Iron). Iron is A, cheaper and B, has
the extraordinary property of having anti-magical influences. This
can be of great help in certain alchemical preparations of elixirs
associated with the elements of Fire and Darkness, where you have the
paradox that you need to heat the ingredients, but shield them from
the metaesoteric thaumic forces. For this an iron implement serves

2, Vows. We know (?) that sorcerers make vows to increase their
magical ability (and status among other sorcerers). Especially if the
guy has some greater vow against the Earth (the element of copper)
it may well be followed by smaller vows about not using copper, even
as part of bronze items.

3, The writer is so used to thinking of frying pans as made of iron,
that he included it without a thought. A interrogation made of the
author's subconscious reveals that he in the actual adventure (the
stories have happened in play, BTW - Harold and Richard are PC's) he
just stated that Richard found a frying pan. He didn't state the
material. Now, a function of Glorantha's metallurgy is that, at least
in our group, we always remember that armaments are commonly made of
bronze - the superior of the few iron/steel items the characters have
reminds them of this. However, I constantly have to slap myself to
remember that frying pans, chains, kitchen knives and suchlike are
made of bronze. To this is related the constant flaunting of
Glorantha as a game were you have a "Bronze Age" - as bronze, for me,
is used in Glorantha _exactly_ as Iron was used in RW history, this
is pretty silly - many cultures are also inspired by non-Bronze Age
cultures, INCLUDING several stone-age ones.

Does this satisfy you? Hope so :-).

Erik Sieurin


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