Brithini Kills, and Petersen Fame

From: David Cheng (
Date: Sat 11 May 1996 - 03:14:51 EEST

I shouldn't even be posting this, but I can't help it...

Lewis Jardine gives stats on Brithini, Iron Dwards & KoWers.
I personally think the 'average' Brithini Horals have, maybe, 700% skill in
a whole bunch of weapons. As evidence I point to Stafford's public
readings of _Arkatsaga_, and the descriptions of how effectively a literal
handful of Horals can butcher hundreds of opposing troops.

In Dragon Pass terms, I think I would give Arrolanit 3 or 4 counters with
combat strength (10), meaning they're so small they don't count in

To see how our beloved Sandy's fame is spreading, please check out the May
13th issue of _Time_, page 2. He's the bald one lying on his stomach,
front and center (of course ;-).

*David Cheng


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