Re: Freeform Rules

From: Steven E. Barnes (
Date: Tue 14 May 1996 - 21:56:35 EEST

Nick Brooke <100270.337@CompuServe.COM> writes:

>to cooperate to achieve anything. "The Broken Council" had a full-blown wargame
>with its own map and counters, but this seemed overly distracting to me: some
>interesting player characters spent much of the game rolling dice and pushing
>stacks around. We prefer to have military forces committed perhaps a couple of
>times in the course of an eight-hour game, giving referees plenty of time
>(during the breaks) to work out satisfactory (interesting and deserved)
>resolutions to their actions, and have a chance to communicate the news to all
>of the other players affected.

To defend Broken Council, it didn't look to me like there was a
full-blown wargame. The only relevant comment is that people
did move stacks around. However, I never saw dice being rolled,
nor were there any grids on the maps. It seemed like a simple
improvised system.

(When my territory was threatened, I had no concept of "combat values"
or anything; all I saw was a big stack of monsters; I had to do a bit
of quick deal-making at the table to try and get a large enough looking
force committed to defend me)

One could argue that the system had merit: military leaders might
be unavailable for consultation, due to on-going battles.

- -steve


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