Yggs Isles, Dwarves and Closing

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Date: Wed 15 May 1996 - 02:39:28 EEST

David Cake:

Sandy had rated the Loskalmi navy as bad.

>Can they be this bad? I thought that they had had some success at
>suppressing the Yggs Islanders. Not a lot, but some.

Mainly because the Vadeli betrayed the Yggs Islanders to the Loskalmi
bringing about the eventual settlement of the Wolf Pirates at Three
Step Isles. What did the Vadeli get out of their betrayal, I wonder?

>Whereas quality 4 vs quality 1 would suggest the Yggs Islanders (presuming
>they are the same as the Wolf Pirates, at 4) are playing with them. And
>while they have been winning, I don't think its been that easy, and that
>is with Harrek as a commander.

Harrek has only sacked the Loskalmi coast with the Wolf Pirates circa
1617 or so after he became their Champion. I strongly doubt that
he has ever been back there since. Most wolf pirates reside at Three
Step Isles and conduct most of their raiding there from there. As for
the remaining Ygg Islanders, they don't have the numbers to pose a
serious naval threat, alothough they can raid with impunity.

>Remember, the Loskalmi are actually one of the more experienced
>naval forces, too. They actually had to worry about naval combat before
>Dormal, having to worry about the Yggs islanders just up the coast.

Um, how? The Yggs Islanders were cut off by the Closing and they
are nowhere near Ozur's bay which was the only navigable seaway
near Loskalm.

Eric Rowe:

>>IMHO Dwarvern Technology is baroque rather than cyberpunkish.

>I picture electrical power stations as being very Mostali. Lots of
>wires and strange shaped things that give off sparks.

And copper wires sending power to all portions of the factory etc.
What I meant to get across was that Dwarves have vastly different
views on what technology should be used for compared with humans.

Frex, they do not have robots or T1000 killing machines but automata
which are more clumsier than Jolanti. Their idea of a thinking machine
would probably look like the Brazen Head of Pope Syvester II rather
than crystal screens with funny buttons. They would not think of
using optics to imrpove their vision for it meets specifications laid
down by the Machine. Their power (I don't like using the word
electrical) is generated by gigantic steam engines. Where we would
build tanks, they would construct walking fortresses.

All IMO.

Jean Durupt:

Spake of the Closing:

>I think that a swimmer can lose sight of the coast if he
>wants to. The only things affected are the ships.

Belintar who later became the Pharaoh swam ashore. I dunno
where he swam from.

>Since waertagi dragonship are the corpse of sea creatures
>who are surfing on a wave, they are not ships and are not
>affected by the closing.

But ships are corpses of trees so they should not be affected
by the Closing by your reasoning. I don't think this is

>All the waertagi have to do is to guide the wave. If they
>are on a fastship, it is driven by a sea creature, they
>don't really sail. Maybe the fact that they were not built
>on land helps too.

Mechanics of propulsion really has little to do with it.
Rowboats are also affected by the Closing. You could argue
that since a fastship is capable of travelling beneath the
surface, it would be unaffected by the Closing. However the
Waertagi would need to surface and then the Closing would

>Those who did not dare to brave Magasta's whirlpool had
>their ships destroyed or so damaged they could not sail

Most of them are stuck in the Edrenlin or Togaro Isles.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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