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Date: Wed 15 May 1996 - 21:51:16 EEST

David Cake:
>I don't know that you can separate commander ability from army quality.
        Easy. Some fine examples:
        1) The British Army throughout WWI. Generally good material
- -- excellent in the case of the B.E.F., but badly-generaled
throughout with only the most trivial exceptions. (Please, no Haig
apologists need apply.)
        2) The Army of the Potomac during much of the American
Civil War. Even its foes recognized its steadfastness and bravery,
but with commanders like Mr. F. J. Hooker (after whom prostitutes
were named) and Ambrose Burnside (after whom sideburns were named),
they were only able to prove their courage in defeat till 1863.
        3) The Roman Army at Cannae. Excellent quality ill-used.
Ditto for the Roman army at Carrhae.
        4) Manzikert. 'nuff said.

>The best forces always have good general commander quality,
        In the first place, see above, and in the second place, I
AM including the quality of their _officers_ -- just not the grand
commander. The fact that the top leadership of the KoW is incredibly
crafty and skilled does add to their might. The fact that Loskalm's
leadership may not be able to general their forces well is a big
problem for them.

        The army of Loskalm is so vastly larger than the KoW that
even with their huge quality gulf between the two forces, Loskalm
might have a chance with decent commanders. But add to this the
awesome danger of the KoW's generals and all is over, unless Loskalm
can come up with some of her own. And then last long enough to
improve her army's caliber.

> I didn't think the Esrolians are that bad - after all, they have
had a >reasonable amount of success against the Lunars (a 4 on your
        The Esrolians didn't fight the Lunars by their lonesome.
All the Holy Country cooperated in Building Wall.

Loskalm's Navy
        I rated them a "1" by accident. Sorry. Ought to have been
at least a "2", maybe a "3".



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