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From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Wed 15 May 1996 - 22:10:00 EEST

Nick Brooked:
>Two oddities connected to the Closing include:

>1) The Waertagi Armada is said (in the Second Age timeline in the Glorantha
>Book, G:CotHW book 1) to have sailed to sink Jrustela AFTER the Closing reached
>that continent.This might indicate they were invulnerable to the Closing; it
>might, OTOH, reflect either a superhuman effort on the part of the Waertagi
>sailors, or an error in our sources' dating (I'm happy to believe both of these

Quite simple. One known effect of the Closing was to drive affected ships
onto a shore. Imagine a Waertagi Armada - including its driving waves -
driven onto the small continent of Jrustela. The net effect is a huge
wavefront smashing onto the land, with assorted monsters as an added free
horror. OK, most of the fleet is shattered, too - but that's what our
sources tell us, isn't it?

>2) The Waertagi were said in the Seshnela chapter of the Genertela Book to
>ally with the Brithini on their return and assist in a Brithini invasion of the
>mainland. As we've already discussed here, there are explanations of this that
>don't involve the rediscovery of Brithos: the Return of the Vadeli is my
>favourite, while Peter Metcalfe has some odd story of his own (as usual).
But if
>the Waertagi did side with the Brithini, they presumably don't see the Closing
>as a genocidal (fratricidal?) Curse directed against them by Zzabur, whether by
>design or unforeseen accidental side-effect.

I personally cannot see why the Waertagi - intent to wipe out the cult of
Dormal - should ally to the Dormal-rites-using Vadeli. Some parts of Brithos
apparently keep existing on the physical plane of Glorantha, even if Dormal
failed to find Old Trade. They just might harbour enough Horali to trash the
Seshnegi armies when added to the newly-bred Arolanit wave of warriors et al.

Another idea:
We know that parts of Brithos were covered by Aldryami forests, at least
around 375 ST. What if Zzabur only drowned these useless parts?

>If taken at face value, these two sources could indicate (contrary to "Spirits
>of the Sea" and common sense) that the Waertagi are, indeed, immune to the
>Closing. So why haven't we seen them throughout the Third Age? Because they
>didn't want to be seen, and we couldn't go to sea to find them!

Or they might live in the beached wrecks of formerly seagoing cities, on the
shores of some unknown reef islands deep within the Closing, and just
refitting new ships using that new sorcery some Vadeli victims told after
only a bit of prompting... plenty of Vadeli ships missing (after messing) in
action after Oenriko Rock.

>The Brown Vadeli I play like sleazy Carthaginian or Phoenician traders, or a
>mediaeval anti-Semite's view of rich Jewish merchants, or Frank Herbert's
>stinking Tleilaxu; the Red Vadeli are inhuman monsters; what do you suppose the
>Blues would be like?

Don't know about the original ones, but the revenant ones might be some sort
of ghouls inhabiting the corpses (decaying to a blue hue) of whatever
donators they found. Toss in a diet of Tapping, and you get something
frighteningly similar to the main foe of Arkat's Brithini troops in the
First Age, the Tanisoran .. kings. Maybe this was what got the Brithini
going at all?


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