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Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 01:52:58 EEST

Garry, then Nick

>> When you are standing on a battlefield looking at a bunch of guys to
>> whom death is a opportunity to drink with your God forever, I think
>> these guys [Brithini or dwarfs] would have a serious morale problem.

> While interesting, much of this argument is theoretical and irrelevant
> unless and until the KoW takes on the dwarfs or the Brithini, which doesn't
> seem to be imminent...<snip>...that pretty much covers the factions
> currently embroiled in the Fronelan conflicts.

        Ummm, what about the elves? The Genertela book on Crucible,etc says
that the aldryami plan to reforest most/all of Fronela via immense magics,
and that the strength of the elven armies increases in proportion. Tough as
the KoW may be, I don't see them beating elves inside one of their new forests.
The KoW had better have something like the Skyburn up their sleeves, or they
will lose quite a lot of territory in the blinking of an eye; and won't be

able to get it back.

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Jim Chapin:

> By the way, given what SP writes about the typical American LARPs, that
> they run for a full weekend, has anyone thought of doing a Gloranthan
> run that would last that long? Given that the majority of attendees
> at the GloranthaCons seem to play in the LARPs, I wonder whether the
> "loss" of non-LARP players might be made up for by the "gain" of bringing
> people who would be more willing to play in a LARP than in a table-top
> game (I know several).

        Ummm, sorry. As chairman of the Glorantha Con IV committee, I've
looked into event scheduling etc for RQ I & II, and LARPing is not a
majority function. More like 40%....
        BTW, I have had one of the RQ II organizers tell me that the
committee should rethink having two LARPs at GC IV, as it causes major
headaches for scheduling of auctions... (Don't worry, we plan to do
both LARPs advertised. I am just including this comment for illustrative


PS Glorantha-Con IV, January 24th-26th 1997, Ramada Hotel O'Hare (Chicago)
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