Decisive Battles and Blues

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 03:01:55 EEST

Jim Chapin:

>My question is -- what would the list of "decisive battles" in
>Gloranthan, or Genertelan, history, be?

Argentium Thi'rile: World Council vs Horse Riders. This brought
Dara Happan firmly into the World Council Sphere of Influence with
great consequences.

Tower of Justice: Arkat/Gbaji vs Gbaji/Nysalor. The effects
of this battle were undoubtedly felt around the world but are
unfortunately obscure...

Battle of Tanian's Victory: God Learners vs Waertagi (naval).
Allowed the God Learners to explore the world 'properly' for the
first time.

Valkaro's Battle: God Learners vs Mokato. Valkaro had converted
an Isle to the Malkioni Liberation. The Jewelled Isle of Mokato
resented this and saw him as a God Learner intruder. The God
Learners seized upon the chance to break the back of Mokato's Empire
and backed Valkaro. The resulting battle preserved the Eastern
Seas Empire integreity but allowed Valkaro to remian (and the God
Learners got buggerall). [Sandy, Greg and Nils - I may be conflating
two battles here].

Miglos's Invasion of Brithos: God Learners vs Brithini. Thereafter
the God Learners fell into Evil Ways.

Luatha Landing: Luatha vs Seshnegi. By failing to drive
of the Luatha, the last God Learners of Seshnela and
Slontos were doomed.

Dragonkill War: Dragons vs Humanity. Weakened humanity for a while
- - the effect on the Dragons is unknown.

Battle of Kitor: Sheng vs Carmanians. A struggle for control of
the Pelorian Basin.

Nights of Horrors: Lunars vs Pentan Nomads. This prevented Lunar
Expansion into Pent and Pentan expansions into Peloria.

Grizzly Peak: Crippled Sartar as well as pacified Tarsh. After
this Sartar was doomed.

Oenriko Rock: Vadeli vs Flamchi (naval). Broke up the Vadeli
Empire in Fonrit and Umathela. The losses prevented Hoom Jhis
from absorbing the penisula of Elamle into his kingdom.

There's a naval battle in the MournSea which I can't remember the
name of but crushed the Pirate Kingdom of Alatan and ensured the
naval supremacy of Pasos and the Holy Country.

Battle of Lur Nop: Kralori vs Holy Country (naval). Prevented
Foreign infiltration of Kralorela.

Building Wall Battle: Lunars vs Holy Country. Prevented Lunar
Conquest of the Holy Country.

Compiling this list with the Emphasis on Battles, I've noted that
a lot of things are missing but are influential: like the Chaos
Wars, the Closing and the Syndic's Ban. Shows the limitations of
concentrating on battles, methinks. I've a feeling I've left some
historical battles out (I haven't included any mythic battles).
Comments welcome.

Jean Durupt:

>All the vadeli have some geas. Sandy Petersen gave some
>examples for the brown and the red. My ideas for the blues are:
>- - they may only captain a ship (ie they cannot be simple crewmember)
>- - a blue vadeli may only use one (1) of the elemental weapons

The Blues, like the Browns and the Reds are a distinct culture rather
than a Western Caste. I'm unaware of the Vadeli ever co-operating in
mixed groups. It's more like an Orlanthi triarchy. If the Browns
have rumours of a naval expedition that they would like sunk but can't
handle it, they pass it on to the Reds. If the Reds find a fortress
to tough to crack, they would ask the browns to brownnose their way in
so it can be corrupted from within.

The Geases are meant to perpetuate their immortality. I don't see
what using weapons or captaining ships have to do with this considering
the Browns and the Reds have no such limitation. The Blues are more
like a Sorcerous Race (There's one in Elder Secrets who commands
Tinimits). Your comparison with the Melniboneans is good, but I don't
think they worship Chaos. If a Vadeli Ship crewed by Blues were found,
I'd think it would be highly magical: propelled by waves, virtually no
crew, inhuman guards and packed to the hilt with marvels plundered all
from over the world (cf 'Isle of the Day Before' only with a much more
sinster overtones).

- --Peter Metcalfe


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