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From: Steve Lieb (
Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 07:12:39 EEST

> I also know that the Poisonthorns claim to have lived in
>their forest since the time of Gbaji, and to have received their
>special plant from Aldrya as a gift for resisting Gbaji's influence.
>Sandy P.

OK, now I'm confused - I was of the understanding that the Aldryami support
for Nysalor was almost 100%? Weren't elves some of the major defenders of
Nysalor against Arkats dark army?

Anyway, this brings me to another question of all - (one i think best
answered by private replies, actually)

What are the macro-Gloranthan decisions people have made? I mean, you can't
even lurk here for long without forming opinions on the major thematic
issues of Glorantha, imo.

Frex: Lunar Empire - good or bad?
Nysalor - Gbaji - which was it, really?
Arkat - immortal saviour, opportunistic evil sadist, or something in-between?
"Western" religion vs more mainstream Deistic practices?

I'm very curious about where people have come down on the issues - the fact
that there are very logical and sane viewpoints in favor of every one is
what gives Glorantha that RW flavor. I'm especially interested in the
opinions of the Justified Ancients (SP, MOB, the various Nicks, etc) not as
being the 'right' answers, but they're probably arguably the best informed
of all around...

Anyway, please respond by private e-mail - if people are interested I'll be
happy to give a summary of what I learn here.


- -Steve
...whose allegiances are ALWAYS uncertain.


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