Returning to Depart

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 23:57:26 EEST

After a brief hiatus caused by my unknowing and unwilling de-subscription from
the Daily, I return to the fray (briefly, before departing for Rennes-le-Chateau
and Castle Stahleck):

Mark Smylie thinks:

> it would be possible to speculate that the KoW operates a bit like the
> God Learners did, as somewhat wrong-headed hero(?)questers -- that they
> scour the various realms of reality in search of anything which seems to
> belong within the sphere of war, and steal/imitate the things that they find.

Sounds very similar to the Loskalmi attitude, therefore likely to be true.

> The KoW's smiths and armorers, if they are not able to produce the
> equivalent of Loskalmi plate (IIRC the "best in the world"),

For my money, they are. Or better. In fact, Mark and I seem to be in complete
agreement when it comes to War. Funny, eh?

> Whether or not anyone likes the idea of a single Hundred Gods of War
> cult with internal subcults, I mentioned this stuff in the hopes that it
> might give an idea of the magical potential that the KoW might possess
> in comparison to sorcery-based armies.

Of course, they also use sorcerous War Magic as well. (And I sort of like the
idea, too: just lose the deities' names and I'll be over the moon).


> Tough as the KoW may be, I don't see them beating elves inside one of their
> new forests. The KoW had better have something like the Skyburn up their
> sleeves...

"I love the smell of Skyburn in the morning..." I'd be willing to bet they have
something similar (or nastier) up their sleeves.

Pope Jim asks:

>> Imitate Mating Call of Titanothere (Ability: one-use)

> OK, Nick, I can't stand it any more --what happens when you do this?
> Or did he?

It was never fired in anger, in either game. Obviously, he's meant to use this
when pinned down by the Watchdog Council, just as his last Silence card expires.
Five tons of galumphing referee (a hasty conga line) would have burst in,
trashed the interrogation suite, handed out a couple of wounds, granted free
escapes to any bystanders, etc. We rehearsed this (some people may have seen
it). Sadly, as I say, nobody ever had the guts (or desperation) to try it out.

Thanks a lot for posting your player-remnisciences: very enjoyable to read!

Joerg writes:

> I personally cannot see why the Waertagi - intent to wipe out the cult of
> Dormal - should ally to the Dormal-rites-using Vadeli.

Simple: who backstabs first and deepest, wins. The Vadeli are right at home with
betrayal and treachery, but the fish-eyes and cold-blooded ruthlessness of the
gilled Waertagi give them an edge -- nobody can guess when they'll strike. So
the standoff continues.


Thanx for those horrifying stats!



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