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Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 05:02:54 EEST

Further ideas about the Blue Vadeli.

It seems to me that they should be parastical in some way to fuel
their immortality. Yet the suggestion that they use Tap doesn't
quite cut it for me as it frankly is passe (every evil wizard and
his dog uses it as do the Brithini et al).

I would divide the Blue Vadeli into two groups. The first are the
Old Ones who managed to shift themselves to the Other Side when
Zzabur's Great Spell sunk their land. Since because of their nature
and the fact that they have remained on the Other Side for so long,
means they can only manifest on the mundane world with difficulty.
They can easily manifest themselves at the Axis Mundi. Once manifested
they can only remain for a limited time before the spell expires and
they are drawn back to the Other Side. Certain rituals can prolong
their stay but these consume time which can be spent on more productive

The others are the New Ones. They are descendants of the Old Ones
who were born in Jrustela. They have been protected by the Browns
who rule parts of (Human) Jrustela and have recieved tuition from
their parents. Since they are very young (the oldest would be
thirty or so), the need for immortality rituals has not yet taken
manic proportions that marked the excesses of the Vadeli Empire

at its Zenith.

I'm thinking that the Blues need to capture the souls of their
victims into themselves so they could feed of the energies to
keep them immortal/onslaughtian/etc. As time goes by, the
victim's souls will be expended and they'll have to hunt for

- --Peter Metcalfe


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