Loskalmi generals

From: Brett Evill (b.evill@tyndale.apana.org.au)
Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 07:49:22 EEST

Sandy wrote:

> The army of Loskalm is so vastly larger than the KoW that
>even with their huge quality gulf between the two forces, Loskalm
>might have a chance with decent commanders. But add to this the
>awesome danger of the KoW's generals and all is over, unless Loskalm
>can come up with some of her own. And then last long enough to
>improve her army's caliber.

There's always that chance. Every now and again a warrior caste with a
bonehead tradition throws out a freak general like Bertrand du Guesclin, or
Arthur Wellesley, and then: watch out!

Brett Evill

"Decay is inherent in all composite things.
Work strenuously for your own salvation."
(Sakya Siddhartha Gautama: last words)


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