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From: Aden Steinke (Aden_Steinke@uow.edu.au)
Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 09:41:01 EEST

Nick (the one with a small water rune attached) commented

>This brought to mind a minor point, but I'll mention it anyway: one of the
>things I find when writing about Glorantha is that slapping the names of
>cults onto what ought to be strange foreign phenomena tends to 'label' them
>with all kinds of unwanted associations. The further I get from Dragon Pass
>Prax,the less I expect to find similarly-named deities, similar cult
>etc. Sometimes this feels like "wimping out", but whatever...).


>I agree that in a very real sense they are worshippers of the gods of war --
>that their battalions get power from the same deity, rune, power source (or
>whatever) as the Cults of Humakt (etc.) -- but I don't think they "ARE
>Humakti". Their ethos and ideology and obligations are those of the Kingdom
>their own (subcult, tradition, regiment, faction): I don't feel these should
>"adapted" versions of cults which are well-known elsewhere.
>Of course, if you like the God Learned monomythical Glorantha of World-Wide
>And Only True Cult Writeups (Accept No Substitute!), your outlook will
>For my part, I don't have much time for this.

If however, you take the view that the gods are more than somewhat constrained
/ defined by their worshippers (and particularly hero questers) then ethos /
ideology / and cultic obligations would have sufficient consistency across
Glorantha that a Humakti is a Humakti even if social structures like swords /
priest lieutenants / boss cockies / lord high executioner may differ from
place to place. The need for the worshipper to be to at least some extent an
avatar of their god would compel this, it is not that the more distant
worshipper should be looked at as an adaptation of the GL writeup, but the

cult in Glorantha is tied to the relevant God in a manner without historical
RW parallel in terms of feedback (untill the recent telecommunication equipped
cults like the scientologists).

So you would be able to find much commonality, certainly more so than on earth
where, for example, 'Catholic' meant many things in terms of doctrine in
different places, not just little issues like the shape of the tonsure.



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