Decisive battles

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Peter Metcalfe:
>Valkaro's Battle: God Learners vs Mokato. Valkaro had converted
>an Isle to the Malkioni Liberation. The Jewelled Isle of Mokato
>resented this and saw him as a God Learner intruder. The God
>Learners seized upon the chance to break the back of Mokato's Empire
>and backed Valkaro. The resulting battle preserved the Eastern
>Seas Empire integreity but allowed Valkaro to remian (and the God
>Learners got buggerall). [Sandy, Greg and Nils - I may be conflating
>two battles here].

Valkaro may have been resented, but not as a God Learner intruder
since he was a fugitive from them and warned the East Islanders
against them. On his advice the GLs were never allowed into the
East Isles. They were allowed to trade at an island called Roaranivo
which is inhabited by deaf-mutes.

There was never a decisive battle vetween Mokato and the GLs. The
GLs tried to use Tanian against the unsinkable Mokato navy, but the
Mokatoans led all the islands in casting a huge communal dream
magic spell which confused Tanian's perceptions so that the burning
water turned away.

In the end both Moakto and the GLs realized that the losses would
be to great if they fought each other.

There was however another decisive battle in the East Isles in the
first age: the battle of Tamanjary. An alliance of Waertagi and
Vorumai attacked the East Isles. The Waertagi were jealous of the
sea trade and transported Vorumai shock troops on their ships.

The battle took place outside the island of Tamanjary, which was
the leader of the East Isles alliance beside Mokato. First the
battle went badly for the Islanders: many ships were lost,
Tamanjary's goddess Tomikaratra was killed by Vorumai magic and
the entire island was sunk by monsters from the deep sea, summoned
by the Waertagi.

When the Islanders were all but beaten, the Mokatoan captain
Tiruvallan arrived at the battle with a magic artifact called
the Golden Breath which he had found in the sea. The Golden Breath,
which is only known by name today, protected the Mokatoan ships
from shipwreck, making them unsinkable.

With the new protection and new hope, the Islanders turned the
defeat into victory. The Waertagi have never returned to the East
Isles and the vorumai avoided the sea around the East Isles for
the next 1000 years.

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