Dire Dormal; Vadeli

From: Nick Brooke (100656.1216@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 12:05:16 EEST

Peter asked:

> What possible reason do the Waertagi have for _hating_ Dormal?

Ally of the God Learner cult of Diros the Boatman which broke the Waertagi
monopoly, sank their fleet at Tanian's Victory, etc. etc. If you want the
Waertagi to hate the cult of Dormal, that is.

> do you think [Red Vadeli] have to keep committing horrible deeds
> to maintain their hyped statistics and immortality?

I do. Otherwise they might not keep being horrible (unless they *like* being
horrible, that is). I think the Vadeli continue to commit

> the need for immortality rituals has not yet taken manic proportions
> that marked the excesses of the Vadeli Empire at its Zenith.

With any luck, another Vadeli Empire (mercantile thalassocracy controlling trade
to the South and around the West) will be reaching its zenith in the next few
years, and we can all see these manic excesses for ourselves!



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